When we founded ELJAKO-AL many years ago, from the very beginning we have set ourselves the goal to establish long-term partnership cooperation with our customers, based on trust and mutual synergy. As the main field of expertise we chose the implementation of ambitious façade projects, mostly based on aluminum and glass. Our primary motto has become the highest quality of production and comprehensive management of construction projects, which still remain the company’s assets in the construction market.

Over the years, we have managed to create a unique team of professional and committed employees and gain extensive experience in supporting clients at every stage of the project. Currently, we are dynamically improving in effective prefabrication and assembly of complex element façade solutions, quickly assuming a leading role in this sector.

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Jacek Kołodziejski
President of ELJAKO-AL Spółka z o.o.



ELJAKO-AL Sp. z o.o. is a Polish private organization established in the 1990s. Throughout the entire development period, the company has gradually increased its order portfolio as well as the technical level of the implemented façade projects.

It has comprehensively completed over 100 buildings in Poland and abroad, effectively supporting investors and general contractors.

The company’s headquarters is located in Legionowo near Warsaw in Poland, where one of our first production plants is also seated. The rich history of the company’s accomplishments was landmarked with office buildings, but there are also many other structures, including:

• company headquarters, TV station facilities, banks, universities,
• residential and apartment buildings, shopping malls, hotels,
• airports, road infrastructure – acoustic tunnels, hydrotechnical facilities.

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ELJAKO-AL willingly engages in construction projects that respect ecology and environment, with modern eco- and user-friendly architecture.

An example of green buildings designed in the highest environmental protection classes is the EUROCENTRUM office building with LEED Platinium certificate, where 8 occupied hives were placed on the roof, or the Royal Wilanów office complex with green roofs.

Another interesting reference is the cosy THE PARK campus of 10 buildings, designed with a lot of space to relax. It was granted a final certificate of sustainable construction with the top BREEAM EXCELLENT rating.



The ambition of ELJAKO-AL is the continuous technical development of the team and infrastructure as well as setting more and more requiring challenges in order to meet the growing needs of our customers and the entire market.

An interesting example is the construction of a cable-net supported glass façade, unique on a European scale. The height of the façade is 12 m with the area of approximately 1000 m2.

These works were carried out on the MENNICA LEGACY TOWER project in Warsaw, where ELJAKO-AL. produced and assembled also 17 000 m2 of a special unitized elevation with blinds

The building, consisting of two towers, was based on dedicated solutions of a system company and a design by a design office from the USA.



The tasks of the ELJAKO-AL team for the coming years include further improvement of the comprehensive contract management, new technological investments, development of the technical office and full integration of the supply chain.

Building synergies and joint development with our customers in Poland and abroad remain our chief goal. Building synergies and joint development with our customers in Poland and abroad remain our chief goal.

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