From the very beginning the leading idea of ELJAKO-AL has been to pursue top quality production standards. It is confirmed by a process operated for many years now and certified according to the ISO 9001 management system, as well as the quality system in place.

Maintaining proper quality and repeatability of production in our plants through the use of appropriate machinery, including CNC, allows us to meet high standards in terms of tolerances and quality of manufactured elements.

This makes it possible to seamlessly meet the most serious engineering challenges. An example is the seat of the Polish public TV broadcaster Telewizja Polska with a unique roof over the main hall as well as a special glass and ventilated façade. Under this project, ELJAKO-AL developed a comprehensive technical documentation of the façade, prefabrication and installation of elements using JANSEN VISS, SCHÜCO, RHEINZINK and ALUCOBOND systems and stone elements.



Thanks to the flexibly selected assembly teams with many years of experience in demanding construction projects ELJAKO-AL has guaranteed dynamic and timely execution of contracts for years.

Nowadays, the implementation time is an extremely important factor for all participants in the construction process. Each project optimized in terms of organization is likely to result in a success of the project.

We are aware of this fact and our implementation team works on the optimum installation handling on every construction site, which later translates into on-schedule installation times.

An example of a time-critical construction project is the 195-metre-high SKYLINER office building with a comprehensive execution of 28 000 square metres of façades. In case of this accomplishment, with a very small construction site requiring exceptional logistic efficiency and on-time delivery, the pace of construction was one floor per week.



Professional team of ELJAKO-AL engineers guarantees efficient and comprehensive implementation of the most demanding architectural projects and effective substantive support for design offices.

An example of a project requiring close cooperation between ELJAKO-AL and an architect, design office and investor, as well as preparation of various technical and visual versions and their optimization in a very short time, is an unitized façade of the WIDOK TOWERS building with the height of 100 meters, executed in one of the most prestigious locations in the capital of Poland.

The unitized façade of the building was designed in a customized system with an innovative technology of element sealing, ensuring effective installation and guaranteed 1200 Pa tightness of the façade.



The key value for ELJAKO-AL is the long-term trust and satisfaction of customers who, as a consequence, implement more and more demanding projects with us.

Over the period of three decades ELJAKO-AL has made over half a million square meters of various façades and structures for several leading investors and general contractors in Poland and abroad, strengthening its position as a reliable and sound business partner.

Numerous examples of companies with which ELJAKO-AL cooperates on a long-term basis include TORUS, S+B, or WHITE STAR REAL ESTATE.

In Polish capital city alone one can see dozens of examples of reference buildings erected over the entire period of the company’s activity: complex unitized, ventilated and structural glassing façades, roofs as well as several innovative, customized solutions.

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